I’m Still Here

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Happy Oscars Everybody. Based on the Joaquin Phoenix movie.

SF CityHall

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Fine Mr Flash your going to over-expose the one shot I have at this? Well I’m going to create a heavenly staircase in post. Here’s a shot of one of the two court house weddings I shot last week. Sorry I haven’t been posting much, I have about 8-10 shoots I need to update on, but once I get over-loaded the blog goes to crap. Anyways enjoy!

The Silhouettes of Thailand

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For those who are familiar with my work, you know that I love silhouettes. I’ve recently returned from a month long adventure in Thailand and it was amazing. Here are a few silhouettes I captured. Much more Thailand related material on its way.

The Owl

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While out golfing today I came across a barn owl that had died. I’ve never been so close to one before and it was one of the most beautiful and sad things I’ve ever seen. I managed to snap this with my iphone.

Coming Soon:
Thailand Post
JMT More Pics Post
2011 Rap up post
Video Contest Post
And much more.


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A few weeks ago I took some photos for a new and upcoming rapper. His name is Kamar and he’s good. The shoot took place at American Steel Studios in Oakland, which is basically the artist hub for burning man and large scale steel sculptures. The big steel guy you see below is by Karen Cusolito and its called “Mumbatu”. Enjoy :)

Erin and Allen’s Wedding

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I shot a wedding last weekend with the amazing Sara Wolfram at One Love Photography. Here are a few of my favorites.

It took place at an amazing mansion in Alamo, this is the entrance to the house!

The Back on the house during the ceremony.

Allen crying at the sight of his bride during the first look

A photo swiftly afterward

Taking Communion

Just Married!

Groomsman taking the dance floor

Their first dance

Mother Son dance later in the evening. I liked the expression of the little girl in the background.

Their grand exit to the car paparazzi style!

Alex Wilkes a Memorial

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This isn’t an easy post to make, so I’ll make it quick.
I have known Alex for a good many years but was not very close with him for the past two. He was an excellent musician and great artist. He will be missed.

Personal Work- Coronae Florum

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Crown of Flowers

Hannah’s Senior Portraits

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JMT Preview

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I returned from hiking a 130 miles of the John Muir Trail a month ago and I haven’t had time to edit anything. I still don’t know which direction I want to take it editing wise so here is one photo that I did today. It’s one of our last camp sites of the trail. No body around for miles, right after a lightning storm.